Colin Wu

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur


6’2”, 205lbs

Colin is very athletic and well kept. He wears pressed clothes even when he’s relaxed. His Asia ethnicity is clear in his features. He keeps his hair short and is generally well groomed. He wears stylish glasses.


Colin was born on Moffett Field airbase. His father was an Navy pilot and officer while his mother was a Chinese immigrant to San Francisco. As he grew up, Colin never stayed anyplace long. His father’s naval service moved the family as was reassigned. Colin is an only child and became very independent and an early age. He was sent to military prep school and qualified for West Point Academy. He excelled in his studies and focused on military intelligence.

Upon graduation he joined the Navy as an intelligence officer and joined the CIA after he left the Navy. He was assigned to take part in the cryonics study as an inside informant on the activities at the facility and to report on Dr. Noble’s activities. He is posing as a dot-com entrepreneur who fell on hard times in Silicon Valley.

Colin Wu

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