Joe Perez

Ex-Marine, paramedic


6’0”, 190lbs

Joe is very athletic, but not bulky. His blue eyes are unique to him and his mother. His hair is brown, but generously highlighted in blond from many hours spent in the Miami sun. It’s a bit shaggier than his superiors would like for an EMT. While off duty, he looks like a typical surfer. He wears a Puka Shell necklace and loose fitting beachwear with flip-flops.

WIT 35
WIL 20
STR 15
DFT 28
SPD 13
HLH 20

Charismatic 3
Combative 2
Communicative 7
Esthetic 1
Mechanical 5
Natural 3
Scientific 8

STR Group 3

Healing Rate 3
Shock Factor 13
DRT 38

Off-hand Dexterity -/14
Brawling 45/9
Survival, Oceanic 43/8
Knife 43/8
Unarmed 45/9
Throwing 50/10
Pistol, Modern 50/10
Rifle, Modern 50/10
Autoweapon 50/10
Bicycle Riding 48/9
Seamanship 51/10
Swimming 38/7
Search, Urban 73/14
Culture, Pre-Ruin 43/8
Language, Spanish 68/13
Literacy 77/15
Automobile Driving 68/13
Basic Research 78/15
Technology Use 68/13
Lab Technician 43/8
Advanced Medical 51/10
First Aid 71/14
Auto Mechanic 68/13


Jose Perez was born in Miami Florida in 1970. His father is a second generation Mexican immigrant and his mother is a first generation German immigrant. The Perez family owns a small boatyard and marina, so “Joe” spent his entire life around the ocean. His older brother and two younger sisters chose to stay and live around their parents. Joe spent most of his time surfing and sailing up and down the Florida Keys. In his early twenties, he decided to join the Army and learn some profession. While in the service he was drawn to the medical division. Though he lacked a college degree, he was skilled enough to warrant field medical training. He excelled at his job and became an EMT upon getting out of the Army.

He hopes to return to college and earn a degree. The money from the cryonics study should cover his tuition. Rumors spread that he would be called back to active duty once the Iraq War broke out, so he quickly enrolled in college. He hopes the war will work itself out while he is in the study, so he can avoid any hassles of returning to college.

Joe Perez

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