Lucky Severns



5’11”, 195lbs

Lucky is very athletic but appears a bit worn down. He wears comfortable yet rugged clothes. His snake skin cowboy boots are his most well worn pieces. Most of the time Brad looks like he rolled straight out of bed and into his clothing. His dirty blond hair is shaggy and uncombed, with a few days of stubble outlining his face. His voice is still hoarse from long nights of drinking and smoking.


Brad was born in Texas grew up in a middle-class household of four. His older brother was a bad influence on Brad who was consequently exposed to things that tarnished his innocence. Brad was always a daredevil and was given the name “Lucky” for the many stunts he attempted as a young man; he was ‘lucky’ to survive some of the more daring feats. Dropping out of high school left Brad few options, but he was fortunate that a childhood friend called him out to Los Angeles and take up stunt acting. He excelled at his new career, but his body has paid for some of the most memorable stunts in Hollywood.

Brad has recovered from a particularly bad automobile crash and joined the cryonics study to build up some cash until a movie job came up.

Lucky Severns

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