Neils Benjaminson

Hardware store manager


6’6”, 225lbs

Neils is healthy and active for his age. His Scandinavian heritage shows through in his fair skin and light eyes. He is balding and keeps his gray hair cut short. His mustache is neat and trim. He wears casual, yet rugged clothing. Most people find his big smile and warm voice hard to resist.


Neils was born in 1946 in Detroit. He’s lived in the city for his entire life and watched it boom and bust. Though he did not work in the auto industry, he felt its ups and downs. He married his high school sweetheart and they had four children together; two sons and two daughters. Neils owned two hardware stores in the Detroit area and was known for his imaginative television commercials. His was able to leverage his small measure of local fame into a successful campaign for a mayoral position in a neighboring town. He lets his children run the family business and he spends his early semi-retirement hunting and fishing when the weather is good. His wife died recently of a sudden illness, so he looks for ways to suppress the painful memories. He joined the cryonics study to get far away from Michigan and hopefully put some distance between himself and his emotions.

Neils Benjaminson

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