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  • La Pine

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/159912/lapine_bumper_sticker.jpg(Lapine bumper sticker)! La Pine is a prosperous town that has enjoyed relative peace for a decade due to its remote location. Last year produced the first truly bountiful harvest …

  • Adele Thompson

    She is the unofficial leader of La Pine. The townsfolk trust her opinion and follow her recommendations in most matters. As the former mayor's wife she is respected in the community and her reputation as a fair moderator is well earned.

  • Jim Horton

    As the resident Post Master, he takes it upon himself to question any visitors to La Pine. He is a tall black man in his 50’s with an easygoing charm about him. His demeanor disarms people in conversations and his questions do not seem too prying, but …

  • James Parker

    He is an honest man in his late 40’s who is the appointed sheriff. The recent threat of bandit activity has put some extra burden on his position. So far he is handling it well. Dwayne Parker is his son.

  • Patricia Howlett

    She is the best cook in town and runs what is the equivalent of a small restaurant in the ground floor of her house downtown. Her apple pies are her specialty.

  • Dwayne Parker

    He is the son of the sheriff and was only a small child when the Ruin happened. He is a practical young man, skilled at survival, but maybe just a bit too trusting for his own good.