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  • Sisters

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/159914/sisters01_copy2.BMP(Sisters01 copy2)! Sisters is a small fortified town west of the Bend ruins. Like most settlements the try their hand at farming, but their mainstay is livestock. The residents of Sisters …

  • Bill Kezner

    He is the most powerful man in Sisters and runs the Pine Meadow Ranch. He controls the best breeding stock of cattle and horses in town.

  • Claus Shade

    Claus is the butcher in town. He is a huge man with a loud voice and is the right-hand man of Bill Kezner.

  • Gus Torgland

    Gus is the elected Sheriff of Sisters. He works on behalf of the elders investigating claims and enforcing their judgments. He has a reputation for swift action. Although he does not pay close attention to fairness, he is not a cruel man. He simply wants …