Prineville ranchland320

Prineville is a small farming community in the desert highlands. Although the soil is good, frequent raids and power struggles over the years have staved off any real prosperity for the residents.

The farmers gather once a month to exchange crops and scavenged goods in a covered Market. Most farmers have a diverse garden, but generally specialize in a few crops for trade.

There are scant locations to scavenge besides Bend, the bandit gangs there deter any significant scavenging. A few small groups of bandits lurk in and around Bend making small raids into Prineville for food.


There is no officially recognized form of government.


Each household commonly has preserved food stored for the winter months, possibly more after Harvest. There are usually enough man-days to cover the number of residents per household.


The farmers are independent and do not have a standing militia. Each house is likely to have 1d4 adults capable of fighting. They generally have low grade equipment and supplies, having used their stores to defend against the periodic bandit raids.


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