Brick factory

Redmond is the northernmost settlement along the mail route. There are two walled compounds, one for livestock and another for the town center. The town center is approximately 3 city blocks in the east edge of the ruins near the Roberts Field airport. The towers are regularly manned and there are guard towers within the animal stockade.


Newly democratic with an elected Mayor, Sam Waxstein. Formerly a council led the community.


The town subsists on its farming, but has little in the way of reserves. This years harvest is looking promising. They also raise domesticated reindeer.

Military Capability

Standing militia, with periodic anti-bandit sweeps. Bandit activity is low in the area as most have moved toward the easier pickings elsewhere.

The militiamen maintain their own arms, but the town has a small store of military arms and ammunition in the former 82nd Cavalry armory. Though they do not have fuel there is an usable Humvee and a cargo truck available.


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