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Sisters is a small fortified town west of the Bend ruins. Like most settlements the try their hand at farming, but their mainstay is livestock. The residents of Sisters are better fed than most post-ruin communities. The raise cattle and horses for food. The small community center is surrounded by a 20’ log wall. The surrounding area has been cleared for over 100 yards all around. There is only one gate and it faces the grazing fields to the south. It is not a democratic settlement, but rather a loose confederation of ranchers that use the town as common ground. The wealthiest rancher, Bill Kezner, calls most of the shots in town. Although a group of elected elders is given the power to make community decisions, Bill’s opinion typically wins.


A group of 8 elders governs the community decisions and settles disputes. Each year one of the members is voted to be replaced and another community member is voted in. Bill Kezner is the most prominent elder and his opinion is as good as law. He gets his way by controlling the best breeding stock in the area and resorts to bully tactics to sway the less successful elders to his will.


The town collectively has a surplus of food (mostly preserved beef and horse meat).


The ranchers are independent, but they will form a posse when larger threats appear.
Each rancher maintains his own arms. Each rancher maintains his own arms.


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