Twin Pines

Northeast quadrant of Bend ruins

The party defeated a particularly well armed group of bandits that were harassing the small farming community to the east of Redmond.


Generator Building: The generator is remarkably intact and seems to have escaped any falling masonry. Approximately 8 gallons of fuel can be salvaged from all the cans. Tay’s Automotive Mechanic knowledge leads him to believe that the generator should run if fueled. Looking at the exterior it appears that the power cables to the other buildings are severed. Neils surveys the building and based upon his Electrician knowledge determines that the generator would power the generator building outlets, but would need wiring connected to power the other buildings.

Library Building: Tay, Colin and Joe hoist themselves into the burned out husk of a building and discovered a few items under the rubble.

Spotlight Nest: There are no openings in the ceiling, so someone must free-climb to the nest high above the gymnasium floor.

Stash (hidden in the gymnasium spotlight nest)
(x3) E10 batteries (undetermined if charged)
10 man-days raisins
Battered boxes of 14 light bulbs
Box 20 magazine for R7
Dirt Farming text books BCS15
First Aid kit
105 man-days of rations (game jerky, salted meat, pickled vegetables)
P3 – (Snub nosed revolver) Swing-Cyl 6 w/ 7 rounds .38 Special
R7 – (M-14) Box 10 w/ 8 rounds 7.62 NATO
Red velvet pouch of gems (8 small rubies, 5 small emeralds & 2 small diamonds)
Rifle 27 – Tub-Mag 15 w/ 11 rounds .22 RF
Rifle 34 – Port-Mag 5 w/ 8 rounds .22 RF Magnum

Twin Pines

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