Carp's Salvage

Brick factory

Carp’s Salvage is a sturdy brick warehouse outside the town walls. It acts as the post office, tool shop and salvage yard. Hoffman Carp has rigged up a wind powered generator allowing him to use power tools. He is helped by his son Rommel Carp.

Specific items, or something similar, can be found as follows: Food (10%), Luxuries (15%), Weapons (10%), Fuel (10%), Clothing (10%), Tools (15%), Medical (5%), Data (5%), Transport (10%), Environmental (5%) or Survival (5%).

Carps Special Items

Another party of adventurers made special requests for equipment. They have not returned for months, so he’s offering them up to the players.

Rifle Trench – 4 velcro straps to hold rifles (1/2 action to draw, full action to holster), elastic straps for 2 clips + 4 SG shells, armored slightly [TBD].
Offroad Cart – two plastic crates w/ secure lids are mounted onto 6 mountain bike tires w/ shocks. Will hold (TBD) ENC. Handles level one treacherous ground.
Mirror Clips – 6 mirrors with large clips to redirect light into tunnels (around corners, etc.).
War Saddle – normal saddle with built-in pistol holster, also secure pocket for spare clip.
Dynamite Arrows – Pull tab to light, (TBD) range mods.
Personal Periscope – telescoping tube allows vision over obstructions (+3’ height), x2 magnification.

Knife Boot – Has a knife in side sheath, can be mounted on toe of boot in 1 action. (TBD) weapon stats
Martial Bracers – Act as shield in HTH.
Targeting Slingshot – Has a built in crosshair target (+1 BCS).
Bicycle Generator – produces power (TBD).
Grapnel Crossbow – an improvised wood crossbow slotted to accept 2 specially made grapnels. (TBD) statistics.
Loaded Dice, marked deck – +1 Gambling BCS
Woven Shoulder bagTBD size
Fake Rock key hidder – small compartment
Duck call – +1 Hunting BCS
Backpack Jacket – A jacket with a sewn-in compartment in the back that acts as a knapsack

Carp's Salvage

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