La Pine

Lapine bumper sticker

La Pine is a prosperous town that has enjoyed relative peace for a decade due to its remote location. Last year produced the first truly bountiful harvest since the Three Year Winter. The townsfolk are content and have started to open up now that the postal route has been established. The town center is surrounded by a 10’ high log wall with two gates. It is supported by a trap line and all of the foliage has been cleared for 100 yards all around the wall. The crop fields encircle the town, but most residents live in within the walls. There are a few children in the community, but with the recent prosperity some couples are thinking about starting families. Many of the residents show scars of war and disease.


All adults, age 18 or older, vote on major issues within the community. The community leader is Mrs. Adele Thompson. She is in her late 50’s and her opinion guides most of the community decisions.


The town collectively has a store of of food (mostly preserved agricultural goods with some smoked/salted meat). Usually enough to last the winter months with some to spare.


The militia consists of about 90 men. They are armed with civilian firearms. The trap line surrounding consisting of snares and pit traps. They do not retain a supply of military arms. The militia volunteers supply their own weapons.

Notable Structures

A small schoolhouse with a limited selection of books has been opened in the downtown area. The post office is functioning and makes deliveries to X & Y on alternating weeks.

La Pine

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